After more than a year of development today we released version 8 of PRTG. This version marks a major leap forward for PRTG. We have implemented several exciting new features including clustering and Google Maps, we gave it an improved user interface, we wrote a brand new manual (the PDF file has more than 600 pages), we added many new sensor types, and many other things ! There were more than 1,000 changes implemented since version 7! Additionally, we introduce a new, customer-oriented licensing scheme by dropping all add-on licenses and functional limitations that were based on license sizes. With version 8, we take a revolutionary step and completely simplify our licensing model. Our add-on-free software allows you to monitor your network without worrying about paying extra money for additional features. Everything is included in one license because we are confident this makes your work easier. Simply choose an installation size for your setup and benefit from the new functionalities PRTG brings to your network. Please see a list of all new features and changes of version 8 or download version 8 right now.

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