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SNMP Explained: What You Must Know About Monitoring via MIBs and OIDs

Hey there. Have you ever wondered why on earth SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol if its setup reveals to be anything but simple? As a network admin surely you have. Maybe you went gray trying to activate SNMP on your machine? Or you wanted to include a new device in your network monitoring and thought "Perfect, it supports SNMP", but then you stumbled over OIDs and MIBs, ASN.1 and stuff like that? You googled several RFCs, but couldn't find your way around? Well, then read on, I'll try to shed a bit of light on all of that during this SNMP blog series.

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How Employees from 30 Countries Enable Paessler to Successfully Sell to 180 Countries

We at Paessler make one product: PRTG Network Monitor. More than 150,000 people all over the world use PRTG to monitor their IT Infrastructure. Let’s zoom into Paessler and find out how this international reach influences our team and our company’s culture. We have over 180 passionate people working for Paessler, about 150 in our headquarters here in Nuremberg, Germany, and about 30 spread over the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. But even our team here in Nuremberg has a very international background. 40% of our colleagues come from more than 25 countries. How cool is that?

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How Monitoring Secures and Optimizes IT for Government Agencies

A functional, high-performance IT infrastructure is a must for public institutions. Public authorities and municipalities are faced with specific challenges: in many cases, different locations need to be integrated into a central IT infrastructure. Internet portals provide citizens with services outside of business hours. This mitigates peak hours and relieves the staff, but also requires maximum IT availability - around the clock. And the data is often highly sensitive, requiring maximum security.

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How to Properly Announce Scheduled Network Maintenance to Your Users

Every system administrator, at some point, needs to take an important service offline temporarily, for scheduled maintenance or for upgrades. This article provides guidance on what to include in a downtime announcement and how to communicate upcoming maintenance windows to your users. Our experience as a company with 180 employees spread around the world is that it's critical to communicate very thoroughly to avoid confusion and resulting loss of productivity.

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How To Improve Flow for Increased Motivation at Work

  • You love your job
  • It takes no effort to do your tasks
  • You are in a flow

Congratulations! You've achieved flow!

For all of you who are not in a flow, here are some ideas on how to get there.


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2017-Mar-17 in IT Insights

How to secure company IT with simple password rules

Passwords are annoying. The more complex they are, the greater the effort to memorize and enter them. As an administrator, you are responsible for the IT security in your organization - and secure user passwords are an essential component. This is where you become an "educator": Help your users with a simple strategy to create secure passwords.

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How To Work From Home Most Effectively

A well-worn phrase has been doing the rounds for a few years:

"Work should be something you do, not somewhere you go."

Allowing employees to work from home (WFH) is a measure now being undertaken by most companies, at least to some degree. Technology allows it to happen almost seamlessly and it offers obvious benefits to both parties, but it is not all plain sailing. Here are some dos and don'ts for both employers and employees, so that expectations are clear, everyone stays productive and those aforementioned benefits can be realised effectively.

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2017-Mar-15 in IT Insights

Conquer the Slow: How to Accelerate Your Apps With a CDN

This article is a guest post by Matt Conran of Network Insight, and it's the first in a new series about Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). In this post, Matt covers the reasons why application performance on the Internet is often unacceptably slow, and how CDNs vastly improve the user experience. Read here to learn why you must make CDNs a critical part of your website strategy.

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How to Enable SNMP on Your Operating System

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), that has accompanied IT professionals for decades, is available on a large number of devices and solutions. This is great because it's one of the most basic technologies for monitoring and other network management tasks. Although SNMP won't fix the internet for you, you won't come across SNMP if you are a system administrator and responsible for IT infrastructure.

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How to integrate WatchGuard Firewalls into PRTG

With the Firebox product series, US-based network security specialist WatchGuard offers a line of network security appliances for small, medium and large businesses with different form factors and also for cloud-based IT infrastructures. With PRTG Network Monitor you are able to remotely monitor WatchGuard firewalls, so you always have an eye on your Firebox’s availability and performance, and can react immediately if any problems occur.

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