With the release of PRTG 8, Paessler takes a revolutionary step and completely simplifies its licensing model. Using our new add-on-free software product PRTG 8 you monitor your network without worrying about paying extra money for additional features. Everything is included in one license because we are confident this makes your work easier. Simply choose an installation size for your setup and benefit from the new functionalities PRTG brings to your network.

Your Benefits

  • All sensor types are included in one license
  • No extra charge or limitations for traffic monitoring via xFlow (NetFlow, sFlow) sensors
  • Unlimited number of remote probes for every license
  • Fail-safe monitoring via single failover clustering included in every license
  • PRTG 8 comes with many new sensor types
  • Performance and feature improvements throughout the software

Available Licenses

You can use a different total number of sensors, depending on your license. Choose from:

  • PRTG Network Monitor Freeware For up to 100 sensors
  • PRTG Network Monitor 30-Days-Trial For up to 5,000 sensors
  • PRTG Network Monitor 100, 500, 1000, or Unlimited For up to 100, 500, 1000, or an unlimited number of sensors
  • PRTG Network Monitor Unlimited Site For an unlimited number of sensors and more than 2 core installations at one site of your company
  • PRTG Network Monitor Corporate For an unlimited number of sensors and more than 2 core installations within your company in one country (several core installations allowed also in distributed locations)

Download PRTG 8 now!

Why not go and see for yourself? Download the latest version today and have a look! Download your trial version now!

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