You may have already noticed our new look: Last week we launched our new website for This re-launch brought a new design to our homepage and we also migrated to a new hosting concept.

When you surf to you will notice that the page load times now are exceptionally fast. This was made possible by using Amazon's CloudFront CDN content delivery network (CDN) as the hosting platform for our webpage, including all HTML, Javascript, CSS, and image files.

The previous website already used CloudFront for images and other page assets. Using a CDN for these file types is one of the most recommended methods for speeding up a website (see "Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site").

The new website takes this idea one step further and pushes the HTML files through the CDN as well.

Improved Speed

Ongoing speed measurements using the global probe network of our PRTG demo installation ( show that the effect is quite impressive: Except for Dallas, TX, it now takes between one third and one tenth of the previous time to load our homepage from all other locations around the globe.

Why does it take twice the time to load the webpage in Dallas? Our probe in Dallas and our web servers for are located in the same Rackspace data center. Formerly, the requests did not even leave that data center, now the probe queries the closest Amazon datacenter-which is just a bit slower at 58 milliseconds.

We are quite happy about the speedup for the rest of the US, and also for Europe and Asia because a substantial portion of our sales comes from these areas.

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