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Network Analyzer Software

PRTG is a Network Analyzer For Windows

When you manage a network, you need to be proactive, not just reactive. By spotting possible problems before they occur, you can save your business time, money, and serious headaches. With the help of a powerful and reliable network analyzer, you can avoid performance bottlenecks, spot bandwidth trends, and reduce costs in many different ways.

PRTG is a popular and affordable network analysis solution that enables you to monitor LAN bandwidth and manage your network the way you want to. Supporting SNMP, packet sniffing and NetFlow, it displays data in easy-to-read graphs and tables that can be exported as reports, or accessed via a browser wherever you are.

Monitor Your Network With PRTG's Analyzer Tool

The ailover cluster ensures that not even a crash of your master server or a software update will interrupt your monitoring. Enjoy PRTS's 24/7 network analyzer tool that ensures non-stop monitoring.

With more than 200 sensor types PRTG offers you a broad range of server and bandwidth monitoring capabilities, such as

Why is a Network Traffic Analysis Necessary?

  • Discover what applications/servers use up your bandwidth
  • Deliver better quality of service to your users by being proactive
  • Reduce costs by buying bandwidth and hardware according to actual load

The IP traffic monitor PRTG has become a very popular product for customers of any size and from all types of businesses.

"Did I thank you for the great service? I'm running networks on several locations, and PRTG is by far the best network monitoring application I've tried after trying a lot of demo/freeware versions. And with such good support, I see no reason why I shouldn't keep deploying PRTG to my customers.", Lasse Ruud, www.ruudware.no

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Network Monitoring Software - Version (November 25th, 2019)


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Unified Monitoring

Network devices, bandwidth, servers, applications, virtual environments, remote systems, IoT, and more

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