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Reseña 2017
Lo mejor de PRTG 

Review Webinar with Carlos


Básico de PRTG: monitorización de red en España con PRTG

Basic Webinar with Heather


PRTG: No sea una víctima más del cibercrimen  

Basic Webinar with Carlos


Monitorear sus bases de datos con PRTG ofrece muchos beneficios

Basic Webinar with Carlos


Getting Started with Notifications and Maps (inglés)

Basic Webinar with Heather


Getting Started with Network Traffic, Bandwidth Monitoring and QoS (inglés)

Basic Webinar with Heather


Aprenda más acerca de nuestros ponentes


Greg Ross

Systems Engineer
Boston, North America

"I have had the privilege of implementing, administering, and supporting IT systems and services across a variety of industries. When I'm not busy being a husband and father of 3, I enjoy obstacle running, weight lifting and good barbecue."


Heather Pacan

Systems Engineer
Philadelphia, North America

"I have worked in infrastructure for almost 20 years and Paessler allows me the opportunity to assist other system engineers to support and optimize their environment. In my free time I enjoy being a karate mom, dance classes and making wine."


Jan Andreassen

Systems Engineer
Austin, North America

"I find the challenge of designing and integrating systems really enjoyable. Which is why I love working for Paessler. In my spare time, I like spending time with the family and enjoy the outdoors. And building things with my son."


Simon Bell

Systems Engineer
Chester, UK

"I help partners and prospective customers to understand how PRTG can provide deep insight into IT infrastructures. Away from the office, I like to enjoy the beautiful countryside of my native North Wales with my family and our two boisterous Labradors."


Aaron Ross

Systems Engineer
Brisbane, Australia

"25 years working in technology roles, in which I had a lot of fun pulling things apart and attempting to put them back together. I'm here to share my experiences with you."


Benjamin Day

Systems Engineer
Dallas, North America

"I've been in the field for over 10 years now, and I enjoy assisting customers with making PRTG work for their specific needs. I love hockey, and try to go to as many Stars games as I can."